More time for parents

by Margret Kopala

Letter to the editor published in The Globe & Mail, Feb 26, 1998

Evidence regarding the importance of the early years of a child’s life has been around for some time. Intelligent parents have experienced it first hand (since the beginning of time); latterly such notables as Britain’s Penelope Leach, America’s Burton White and here in Canada, the late Fredelle Maynard have been on record with the scientific basis for this assetion since the early 1980s. Even so, it is always something of a relief and a welcome sign to see the editorial board of The Globe and Mail catching up with the times (Helping Parents Kid Around(1) - February 19).

No doubt government and private-sector initiatives to help parents spend more time with their young children would be beneficial. But the talents of The Globe’s editorial board might more usefully address the issue of why, in the first place, so many families require two incomes - the acquisition of which effectively removes parents from involvement in most of their young child’s waking hours.

Margret Kopala

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